The process of Website Development may not include actual nuts and bolts, but the processes used to build and maintain a website are just as important.  A multitude of development tasks include coding, scripting, eCommerce infrastructure, and security configuration.

Web development is the work that happens behind the scenes, the things that you do not see, like nuts and bolts in a building project.  The work that will make the end-product look great, work fast, and ensure a seamless performance for an excellent user experience.

Post image The Nuts and Bolts of Website Development - The Nuts and Bolts of Website Development

Web Development

Websites are built by coding.  Coding uses different languages which are unique and different from each other.  These are also called programming languages and consist of commands and syntax that will define the representation and functionality of a website.

The style, platform, and operating system of a website will determine what type of coding language will be used.  These languages also fall into two categories: front-end development and back-end development.

Front-end is what the client will see and includes the layout, the design, and the interactive properties of the website.  Front-end includes everything a client can access, watch and do on their side of the computer screen.

Post image The Nuts and Bolts of Website Development web development - The Nuts and Bolts of Website Development

Back-end development includes the building of the digital infrastructure.  The behind-the-scenes functions ensure the website runs smoothly.  The back-end includes the server the website is hosted on and a data-storing database that ensures none of the website’s information is lost.

If all the nuts and bolts of Website Development do not come together to form an excellent working product, businesses might struggle with customer service.  For example, if an online casino website does not perform at its best, gamers will not visit it again.

For the same reason, customers will not visit a business with an online website that is difficult to navigate and does not perform well from one page to another.